Are these ’77 or ’78 door panels?

May 1, 2008 | By Richard Prince


I have a 1977 Camaro LT and I want to replace the interior door panels but can- not find the 1977 LT panels in any cata- log. I can find the 1978 LT panels, and they appear to be the same as the ones on my 1977. Do you know if the 1977 panels are being reproduced or if the 1978 panels will fit? I have a hard time finding body and some interior parts for the 1977 LT.


As far as I could determine, nobody is reproducing the Type LT door panels for your 1977 Camaro. The 1978-81 Type LT panel looks quite a bit different from the 1974-77 Type LT panel, making it a bit baffling why the 1978 panels you’ve located match the panels in your ’77. Are you sure that the panels you’ve located are for a 1978 and not a ’77? Are you sure that the panels that are in your car are for a 1977 and not a ’78? If, for one reason or another, the panels you’ve located are the right ones for your car, then you would certainly be wise to buy them.