A new frame for that Chevy pickup

August 1, 2011 | By Richard Prince


Your entry in the October Mechanic On Duty, “Consider straightening the original frame” had some incorrect information. Please advise Mr. De Leon that Advanced Design Engineering in Sonora, California(1257 Sanguinetti Road #254. Sonora, CA 95370, http://ad-engineering.com), makes a kit that makes it possible to mount his 1952 Chevy body onto an S-10 long wheel base single cab frame. The 1952 short wheel base truck actually has a wheelbase that is 1 inch shorter than the S-10. The original 1952 rear wheel wasn’t centered in the fender opening (short by +/1-inch) so the S-10 frame corrects that and centers the rear wheels. The kit costs about $1000 and has all the body and bed mounts needed. The S-10’s track is narrower than the original 1952 and will need the S-10 4x4 rear end and spacers on the front or the width difference possibly could be made up with the wheel offset.


Thank you for sharing this information with us. Installing a vintage Chevy pickup body onto an S-10 chassis is an increasingly popular swap so I’m sure Auto Restorer readers will find this useful.