A need for special motor mounts

September 1, 2018 | By Staff


Can you tell me where to find new/ replacement rear motor mounts for my 1938 Buick Special Series 40? I found new front mounts (basically just thick rubber washers) at oldbuickparts.com.


Nobody I know of providesentire motor mount assemblies for cars of that period that include the steel part, but Len Steele Rubber Products can re-vulcanize your old mounts with new rubber if you send them your old cores. They will strip them of the old rubber and bond new rubber onto them. They charge $256.60 for this service, and there is a few days turnaround. I have used Len Steele rubber products for years and have found their weather stripping and window gaskets to be excellent. Contact them at:

Steele Rubber Products

6180 E NC 150 Hwy, Denver, NC 28037