October 1, 2016 | By Ted Kade

1946 Chevrolet ½-ton pickup

We’re all aware of the upscale Concours d’Elegance events where the multi-milliondollar cars are lined up in long rows, gleaming like mirrors as they rest on the emerald green grass of a world-renowned golf course. And browsing among the rare and ultraperfect concours contestants can be fascinating. But on the other hand, there’s something just as special about the friendly, casual character of a local show if you’re looking to spend some time among folks who enjoy their vintage vehicles the way you’re drawn to your favorite car or truck. So when we saw these photos from the Tri-State Antique Engine and Threshers Association Annual Show in Bird City, Kansas, (including the 1948 Ford F-5 truck on the cover) we had to share them with you. In case you’re wondering, Bird City was founded in 1885 and named for Benjamin Bird, a cattleman, and the area originally was used for livestock grazing. It’s located in the northwest corner of Kansas, near the borders with Nebraska and Colorado, and these days it’s an agricultural community in the heart of wheat country. Since this is a farming area, it’s no surprise that the preponderance of the vehicles in the show are gas, diesel and kerosene tractors but there also are work trucks and you might spot a vintage car in original condition among the participants. “This show is designed to provide a ‘working’ or ‘living’ history of how farming and farm life worked 50-120 years ago,” said Brendon Haack, association president. “People can see how wheat was harvested using the actual machines of the time. Think of it as a museum where the exhibits get turned on and used.” The show takes place in the northeast corner of Bird City on the last Thursday of July, so if you find yourself in the vicinity next summer, keep that date in mind. You won’t see any trophies being handed out; it’s not a competitive show. But you’ll probably come away with an added appreciation for what can be accomplished when people take care of their vehicles and preserve them for the future.

1947 Chevrolet Fleetline
Ford Model T
1928 Chevrolet Ford Model T ½-ton pickup