Books on the Chevy inline six

November 1, 2009 | By Richard Prince


I just read a recent Mechanic on Duty and appreciated the article on the AMC Gremlin. Although it is not specific to my project, the info offered provided great insight into a future project segment, a Chevy that has a 235 cid L6 motor.

Somewhere in the early morning Internet hours, I saw an offering for a comprehensive repair manual (not the shop manual) specific to this motor and have not been able to relocate that site. Is there an outside chance you might know of such a publication?


There are a number of worthwhile books about the ubiquitous Chevrolet inline six engine.

“Chevrolet Inline Six-Cylinder Power Manual” by Leo Santucci is one you should definitely have and it’s available from any major bookseller or online vendor such as Amazon or Motorbooks.