A recommendation for the TH200-4R transmission

May 1, 2010 | By Richard Prince


You have recommended the TH700R4 transmission to a couple of readers recently. Information that I have seen indicated that it was only produced with the Chevrolet bolt pattern. While the 700R4 is a good transmission, an alternate that you might consider is the TH200-4R. It has similar gear ratios, can handle significant torque, has both the Chevy and B-O-P bolt patterns, and is a little shorter and smaller than the 700-R4. Also, the 200-4R is about the same overall length as the TH-350 and can use the same driveshaft. However, the mounting pad is much farther back so the cross member must be modified. Enough were produced that there should be a significant number available used, rebuilt or modified. Did you have any specific reasons for not mentioning the TH200-4R?


Everything you’ve said is accurate, Steve. I’ll just add that 200-4R overdrive transmissions are usually less money than 700-R4s, probably because guys like me keep suggesting 700-R4s and neglecting to mention the equally functional 200-4R.